Why you should trust us to lay stong foundations for your business...

It all started in 2018. Fay was looking for ways to "make money online" and ended up launching an affiliate business with high ticket products.

It worked out (she was one of the few cases) and along with sexy, semi-passive paycheques, she grew a whole host of digital skills.

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Excuse the internet-world jargon here but Sales Funnels, Copywriting, Landing Pages, CRM systems and Social Media Marketing became her world.

Fast forward to 2020 and Fay decided to branch out into Business Development Services. It was at this time that she partnered with Elisa on a client project for the first time and was so epically blown away by the collab potential that they made it a 'thing'.

In the last 2 years, the power-duo have completed 45+ successful website builds, retained 2 long-term clients who've been using their marketing, web management and digital services for over 2 years AND they managed to finally complete this website in amongst all of the rest.

So, thank YOU so much for the taking the time to read it!

People Behind the SCREEN
Meet our team
Fay Wild Kankowski

"I love building websites for a living because each project requires a beautiful blend of creative and logical thinking. It's both challenging and inspiring for me."

"When I'm not deep into my work, smoking from the ears at my standing desk, I'm exploring nature or tending to my 2 allotments."


"It brings me such a joy to watch the businesses that we have helped to flourish. Brand design requires a lot of research and responsibility, there are often big decisions to make which we take very seriously."

"I love crafts and textiles and I hope to create my own fabrics in the near future."

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